As you start shopping for a new home, you may encounter some unfamiliar words and terms. 下面的词汇表将帮助你走出买房的迷宫.

可调利率按揭 – Loan with an interest rate adjusted according to movements in the financial market. Many offer lower-than-market initial interest rates that rise only gradually for the first few years.

年利率(APR) -贷款期间包括利息在内的年度信贷成本, 服务费, 点, 贷款费用, 按揭保险及其他项目.

评估 ——无偏, professional opinion of a property’s value based on its style and appearance, 施工质量, 可比较属性的有用性和价值.

评估 – Tax levied on a property or a value placed on the worth of a property by a taxing authority.

假设 – Transaction allowing a buyer to assume responsibility for an existing loan instead of getting a new loan.

经纪人(地产) – Person who receives a commission or fee for bringing buyer and seller together and assisting in the negotiation of contracts between them. 在大多数州都需要执照.

建筑规范 – Local regulations controlling design, construction and materials used in construction. 建筑规范是以安全和健康标准为基础的.

买断 – Subsidy, usually paid by a builder or developer, to reduce the monthly payments on a mortgage loan.

买方代理 – A real estate agent who represents only the buyer in a real estate transaction.

回调 -业主要求建筑商处理服务请求.

 – Limit to the amount an interest rate or monthly payment can increase for an adjustable-rate loan either during an adjustment period or over the life of the loan.

入住证 – Document from an official agency stating the property meets the requirements of local codes, 条例及规例.

业权链 -转让不动产所有权的所有文件的历史, 从最早的现有文档开始,到最近的文档结束.

更改订单冰球突破试玩 buyer’s written authorization to add, delete or change an item specified in a contract.

关闭 -开会签署从卖方转让给买方的文件. 也被称为" Settlement ".

关闭成本 – Charges paid at settlement for obtaining a mortgage loan and transferring a real estate title.

委员会 -房地产或贷款交易谈判的代理费, 通常表示为销售价格或抵押金额的百分比.

条件、契约和限制(CC和RS) – Standards that define how a property may be used and the protections the developer makes for the benefit of all owners in a subdivision.

应急 —合同生效前必须满足的条件.

可兑换性 – Ability to change a loan from an adjustable-rate schedule to a fixed-rate schedule.

– Agreement between seller and buyer on a piece of property, restricting the use of that property. 亦称契约限制.

行为 -代表财产所有权的法律文件.

默认的 -借款人未能缴付按揭合约所规定的款项.

密度 -在一英亩土地上建造的房屋数量. 允许的密度由当地司法管辖区决定.

债务收入比 – Long-term debt expenses as a percentage of monthly income; used by lenders to qualify borrowers for mortgage loans.

Due-on-Sale – Clause in a mortgage contract requiring the borrower to pay the entire outstanding balance upon sale or transfer of the property.

保证金 – Sum paid to the seller to show that a potential purchaser is serious about buying.

地役权 – Right-of-way granted to a person or company authorizing access to the owner’s land. For example, a utility company may be granted easement to install pipes or wires. An owner may voluntarily grant an easement or can be ordered to grant one by a local jurisdiction.

股本 -房屋价值与所欠债务之间的差额.

第三方托管 – Handling of funds or documents by a third party on behalf of the buyer and/or seller.

托管金额 -由出借人设定的定期进入的金额, 通常每月, 缴纳税款, 风险保险, 评估和抵押保险费. 资金由贷款人托管,贷款人在到期时支付款项.

公平市场价值 – Price at which property is transferred between willing buyer and willing seller, each of whom has reasonable knowledge of all pertinent facts and neither being under compulsion to buy or sell.

联邦房屋管理局(FHA) – Federal agency that insures mortgages with lower down payment requirements than conventional loans.

固定利率抵押贷款 – Mortgage with an interest rate that remains constant over the life of the loan.

风险保险 – Protection against damage caused by fire, wind storms or other common hazards. Many lenders require borrowers to carry it in an amount at least to the mortgage.

暖通空调 – Common building industry abbreviation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

指数 – Interest rate or adjustment standard that determines the changes in monthly payments for an adjustable-rate loan.

基础设施 -支持住宅发展所需的公共设施和服务, 包括高速公路, 桥梁, 学校,下水道和供水系统.

检查 – Examination of work completed on a structure to determine compliance with building code and other code requirements.

联合租赁 -租户平等拥有物业的所有权形式. 如果一方死亡,另一方自动继承全部财产.

贷款发放费 -贷款人会就处理贷款的成本收取费用, 通常以贷款金额的百分比计算.

贷款价值比 – Relationship between the amount of a home loan and the total value of a property.

锁定率 – Commitment from a lender to make a loan at a preset interest rate at some future date, 通常不超过90天. 可能会收取费用以“锁定”费率.

抵押贷款承诺 – Formal written communication by a lender agreeing to make a mortgage loan on a specific property, 指定贷款金额, 时间长度和条件.

按揭发起费 – Charge for the work involved in preparing and servicing a mortgage application.

许可证 – Document issued by a local government agency allowing construction work to be performed in conformance with local codes. 在获得许可之前,不得开始施工, and each permit issuing agency must inspect the work at certain specified 点 during construction.

– 主要, interest, taxes and insurance: the four major components of monthly housing payments.

 – One-time charge assessed by the lender at closing to increase the interest yield on a mortgage loan.

设置保护区演练 – Final inspection of house prior to closing, conducted by builder and buyer.

主要 -借款金额,不包括利息及其他费用.

财产调查 -测量以确定一块财产的边界. 费用取决于调查的复杂程度.

记录的费用 -记录物业转让的费用, 支付给一个城市, 县或其他适当的政府部门.

规范 – Contractual document describing in detail the work to be performed; method of construction; standards of workmanship; quality, 特定工程的材料和设备的类型和制造商.

共有财产租赁 -租户拥有分开但相等的部分的所有权形式. 继承财产, 一个幸存的房客要么必须在遗嘱中被提及,要么, 在没有遗嘱的情况下, 符合州继承法的规定.

Title ——证据, 通常以证书或契约的形式, 指一个人对财产的合法所有权.

产权保险 – Insurance against any title defects that may exist prior to the time the title is passed from one owner to the next, 这可能会在未来的交易中暴露出来.

退伍军人管理局 – Federal agency that insures mortgage loans with very liberal down payment requirements for honorably discharged veterans and their surviving spouses.